Able City approaches as community engagement as a process of co-creation. We apply best practices for communication and development, including a) promoting active and representative participation towards enabling all community members to meaningfully influence the decisions that affect their community b) engaging community members in learning about and understanding community issues and the economic, social, environmental, political, and other impacts associated with alternative courses of action c) incorporating the diverse interest and culture of the community in the community development process d) working proactively to enhance the leadership capacity of community members, leaders and groups within the community e) staying open to using the full range of action strategies to work toward the long term sustainability and wellbeing of the community.


Able City designs in order to set virtuous cycles in motion; we lead by enabling and inspiring people to become builders of the communities they want to live in. We do this by being excellent listeners and knowing that small, well-placed, and  cost-effective adjustments can be the key to catalyzing productive feedback loops.


Able City appoaches engagement as the work of building communication channels between the City and its constituencies. This includes the following four steps: (1) Listening and learning from client (2) Sustained engagement throughout visioning and design (3) Revision (4) Sharing findings and results.

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