My City, I Love You

My City, I Love You


We are in this together, appreciate how we each play our part in the world. It is what we learn on a more deeper level every day. Today I have some more clarity.


Until COVID, I have never before been able to rally the words of how to express the feeling I have about our city to the people of this city. Cherish all, disparage none of it parts, do for it as it has done for you. Raised you up when you were financially low, lifted you when your spirits were low.


By advocacy or neglect, we live as our cities do. Except for this brief but shining moment when isolation teaches us we can do for others, and our city, and our environment, and our health, and breadth, and our streets. We live together in a dimension called city. We leave our mark on it as it does on us. It participates in our survival as we participate in its survival.


Access to a happy life is the main purpose of people living together in a city.


Be well, Viviana Frank




City Makery TM is a civic engagement process developed by Able City. Contact us if you are interested in making your city more livable. Our City Makery non profit helps raise funding for the effort.


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