To contribute meaningfully, the profession and practice of architecture needs to pledge to fulfill a purpose beyond the production of buildings.
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Able City is a Texas-wide family of mostly bilingual architects, designers, planners, economic developers, writers, and community engagement specialists, committed to serving community health, history, and wellbeing. 



The predecessor firm to Hickey Peña, Turner Hickey, is founded in Laredo, Texas. Turner Hickey would practice in Laredo for 30 years until becoming Hickey Peña, one of two official predecessor firms for Able City. 


Frank Associates moves from New York City to Laredo, Texas. From 1990-1996, Viviana Frank-Franco and Frank Rotnofsky teach at UTSA in the architecture program and run a small practice. By 1996, Frank Architects becomes incorporated. Viviana and Frank’s committed design work over the next thirty years transforms the landscape of Laredo.


Frank Architects moves to its current building downtown at 901 Victoria St. Converting a tire center, the building is an in-house example of the transformative possibilities  of adaptive reuse.


Able City becomes the shared vision of Frank Architects and Hickey Pena Architects. With the opening of a second office in San Antonio, the firm follows its employees to new places they call home.


Able City expands to a third office in McAllen, TX. Since its founding in 2018, Able City has formalized services in ‘city-making’ and economic development, integrating all its specialities under a shared value initiative.

CityMakery is Able City’s non-profit affiliate. The core expertise of CityMakery is to help communities develop quality of life from the ground up, empowering citizens to advocate for their own diverse, equitable, accessible, livable, and sustainable cities.


CityMakery is the solution-builder for citizens — through a methodical path of discovery and definition, we help them assemble a community of like-minded individuals driven toward a common goal. CityMakery works from either end, helping city governments and other public entities implement the policy and programs the citizens have defined for their city. 

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