Mission Trail Comprehensive Plan, El Paso, TX.



In 2018, El Paso County’s Economic Development Department commissioned Jason King, leading the Dover, Kohl & Partners Team, to draft the region’s Comprehensive Plan and Design Guidelines. The team included Gallinar Planning and Development, Daedalus Advisory Services, and Hall Planning and Engineering. The planning process involved over 800 participants. The Mission Valley Comprehensive Master Plan was unanimously adopted in 2019 and includes a detailed plan for economic development, tourism development, climate resilience, and, ultimately, UNESCO World Heritage site designation.


The El Paso Missions are a group of three frontier mission complexes situated along the Rio Grande River basin on the US-Mexico border. The complexes were built in the early eighteenth century to colonize, evangelize and defend the northern frontier of New Spain. The missions’ physical remains comprise a range of architectural and archaeological structures including farmlands, cattle grounds, residences, churches, workshops, and water distribution systems. These can be seen as a demonstration of the exceptionally inventive interchange that occurred between indigenous peoples, missionaries, and colonizers that contributed to a fundamental and permanent change in the cultures and values of all involved.


The economic benefits of tourism reach virtually everyone in the El Paso and Ciudad Juarez region. By increasing tourism, economic development and growth is encouraged in an area that is challenged by high poverty rates and low literacy rates. More tourists mean more demand, more jobs and higher revenues, including higher tax receipts for local governments.

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