Thomasville Blueprint 2028, GA.



Thomasville, Georgia is looking to the future with a resolve to diversify its economy, increase employment opportunities, celebrate its history and culture, improve the health of its residents, increase affordability, and upgrade its quality of life. Jason King, leading the Dover, Kohl & Partners Team, was commissioned by the City of Thomasville in March 2017 to create a Comprehensive Plan for the city. Thomasville Blueprint 2028 is a plan created through an inclusive, participatory public process that presents both a grand vision and a practical plan to accomplish goals in each of these areas.


The Process: A series of Travelling Workshops were held in May 2017. The entire planning team, led by Jason King and his team, came to Thomasville to work with the community and community leaders for a focused week in September 2017 to draft the key community goals and vision for the future of Thomasville, also known as a Charrette. The draft plan was written and broken down into three books, Building Place, Building Community, and Making It Happen.


Status: The City is moving forward with plan implementation, including the redesign of W Jackson St and the construction of a new downtown hotel, and has recently hired Jason King and Dover, Kohl & Partners to update the land development regulations.

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