Villa Antigua



Above the banks of the Rio Grande in the heart of the Laredo’s San Agustín Historic District, the Villa Antigua Border Heritage Museum occupies a restored two-story brick Italianate residence built in the early 20th century. The structure was constructed by a local Laredo merchant and served as home to two different prominent families. By the late 20th century, however, the historic structure was derelict, gutted by fires and suffering from neglect. Headed for demolition, the historic structure was acquired by the Webb County Heritage Foundation and Webb County.

The restoration project preserves much of the original exterior architectural character while transforming the interior into a modern showcase for exhibits exploring the region’s history and culture. Administered by the Webb County Heritage Foundation, the museum also provides a forum for educational seminars as well as an archive for important artifacts and documents from Laredo’s past. This design consists of the restoration of four historic downtown Laredo structures for cultural and educational activities.


Client: Webb County
Location: Laredo, TX
Role: Architects
Date of Completion: 2006

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