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City-making is defined as the act of engagement by citizens with local political structures to make a city that reflects their desires.City-making is the organized pursuit for a better quality of life. 

To accomplish the task of good self governance in cities that yield beneficial results, citizen participation is required through advocacy and an understanding of how to institute policy in a municipal government.  (or any other local government system)


The citizen advocate and the public entity need to engage virtuously through a methodology that is designed to enhance the implementation of solutions for the built environment and programs so that they  yield better outcomes in health, safesty, and well being in the community.

Able City is committed to the empowerment of citizens to make our communities better, one city-making project at a time. Beyond architecture and planning, we work to educate and empower citizens into becoming city-makers. We organize community efforts, lead data collection and research efforts, write public policies, and assist the engagement with local
governments. A central component of our projects is to effectively engage the public.


Most recently, to assist in these efforts, Able City helped establish CityMakery to help citizen advocates have a creative relationship with their city. CityMakery, A Texas Non-Profit organization, CityMakery manages grants and contributions for advocacy projects. 

The citizen has a structural role in the process of developing the kind of city they want. Citizens of like-minded interests team with public champions to expediently and inclusively develop and implement solutions for their city.

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