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We are excited to announce the launch of Able City East, an extension of the Able City group in its commitment to creating people-centric spaces and striving to create vibrant and sustainable communities.

Jason King - Able City East
Able City East is a full-service urban planning firm based in Miami, Florida, founded by Jason King, AICP, CNU-A, in collaboration with Able City of San Antonio, Texas. Able City East utilizes Jason’s 20+ years of extensive urban planning experience both nationally and internationally, blending it with Able City’s comprehensive expertise in architecture, economic development, and community engagement. Jason is a city planner who has directed multidisciplinary teams around the U.S. and the world and has served as the project director and prime author on over 200 plans for regions, cities, towns, neighborhoods, corridors, and parks.

Key projects led or co-led by Jason which have been recognized by the American Planning Association or Congress for the New Urbanism with awards include Seven50: Regional Plan for Prosperity in Southeast Florida (2010 – 2018); Plan El Paso, El Paso’s Comprehensive Plan (2012); Jean Lafitte Resilience Plan (2013); The Downtown Master Plan for Missoula, Montana (2020) and the new community of Wheeler District in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (2014 – ongoing). Many of Jason’s projects have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and on National Public Radio. He speaks regularly at the Congress for the New Urbanism National Congresses and American Planning Association regional and national conferences. 

While with Dover Kohl & Partners, Jason served as project director for many of the firm’s most impactful projects. Under his leadership, the work of DK&P grew to projects of every variety including regional plans, comprehensive plans, parks plans, transportation plans, community redevelopment plans, code updates, and climate plans, in addition to the vision plans and new communities that the firm was known for.

Jason's New Book

Jason was a Principal at Dover, Kohl & Partners for over 18 years and the author of “The Climate Planner: Overcoming Pushback Against Local Mitigation and Adaptation Plans (Routledge 2021)” and “The Equity Planner: Five Tools to Facilitate Economic Development with Just Outcomes (Routledge 2023)”.

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Able City East leads multidisciplinary teams that include experts in transportation, economic development, landscape architecture, architecture, and public involvement. Able City East focuses on:

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Planning, Architecture, Economic Development and Community Engagement.

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