Ricardo ColindresMarketing Assistant

    Ricardo Colindres

    Marketing Assistant  | ricardo.c@able.city


    Ricardo Colindres, with over 15 years of experience in Graphic Design and related fields, has successfully delivered design projects to some of the most demanding clients. His journey began with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, acquired early in life. Subsequently, he relocated to Savannah, Georgia, where he attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), further refining his skills in visual effects, advertising, and photography.


    Throughout his career, Ricardo has collaborated with some of the largest global advertising agencies, contributing to design, web development, marketing, and architectural projects. His expertise extends beyond the creative and technical process of crafting high-quality graphic designs; he proficiently navigates the intricacies and workflows associated with publishing across various mediums, including offset printing, large-format displays, and digital platforms.


    Later in his professional journey, Ricardo pursued Data Science studies and delved into areas such as machine learning, market research, and data analysis. Ricardo’s passion lies in combining the potency of well-crafted visual assets with data-driven insights to create impactful and enduring results for the companies he has collaborated with.


    • IU International University of Applied Sciences
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