Victor A. Montes Jr.Project Manager

    Victor A. Montes Jr.

    Associate & BIM Manager |

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    Victor was born and raised in Laredo, Texas and attended The University of Notre Dame to study architecture. Victor attributes his professional formation to his travels across Europe during his university urban study of Rome, as he experienced other cultures and ways of living. His calling to architecture was due to his love for problem solving and making the world a better place for all – including the following generations.


    Beginning his professional life at Hickey Pena Architects, he excelled at collaborating with other professionals and organizing production tasks and quickly grew to become project manager. He has successfully led teams producing construction documents for large and complex educational, religious, and industrial facilities.


    His aptitude for organization and efficiency and his knowledge of design software tools continues to be an asset to the team as he leads the implementation and on-going improvement of our deliverables workflow through advanced tools.


    His biggest interests are for the latest tech trends and fixing computers [unplug and plug power back to router] and trying to find ways that can facilitate the way of life for everyone.


    • The University of Notre Dame
      • Bachelor of Architecture
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