Canseco House



The “Canseco House Rehabilitation” project has transformed the Canseco House into the current headquarters for the Laredo Food Policy Council. Urban agriculture advocates joined together to mitigate Laredo’s food desert status and develop nutritional, sustainable food options for all Laredoans – and the grounds of the rehabilitated Canseco House now serve that mission. Able City’s involvement began with the rehabilitation of the Canseco House property. The family home had been abandoned for 35 years. Built for a doctor, the Canseco House, a few blocks away from the original Mercy Hospital, had two stories and a basement which few houses in Laredo have, and was in derelict shape at the time of its sale to the City of Laredo.

Our team, together with City staff and local food sustainability advocates, pushed for local food sustainability policies as part of the Canseco House Rehabilitation project. The City of Laredo was able to pass the first Urban Agriculture Ordinance, facilitating the process for Laredoans to cultivate their own produce. Along with District III Council member Alex Perez, advocates for community supported agriculture will be able to house a pilot sustainability center at the rehabilitated Canseco House that will look into water and soil conservation, inner-city land management, and local food sustainability.


Location: Laredo, TX

Client: City of Laredo

Role: Architect, advocate

Year of completion: 2020

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