A QuaranTEAM Checklist to Help Build a Circle of Trust During a Pandemic

What is a QuaranTEAM: 


There are several definitions floating around the internet. Essentially, it means a group of people who form their own social circle, in a private or public space, to limit CoronaVirus risk, and loneliness. It also is a way to help coworkers who would find it beneficial to their work to have some proximity to each other. 


After reading an article by Gideon Lichfield in MIT Technology Review, “A Guide to Negotiating a COVID Bubble”, your quality of place strategists at Able City and City Makery thought, let’s build on these suggestions and organize a Checklist to help people negotiate, organize, and implement their QuranTEAM. 


In spite of a pandemic, Able City believes only cities and towns can offer access to better interactions between people for more successful societies. With Able City’s affiliation with FITWEL, we have worked with our clients to provide them with pathways for safer work environments. Communicating for confidence and implementing with confidence are central to workplace viral mitigation plans. Checklists are a must, so it was natural to do one for suggestions for a social QuaranTeam. 


In light of the fact that virus mitigation can help us be safer, it is possible to expand your bubble with trust, a sense of responsibility towards your Team Members, and with an understanding that there is no way to mitigate all risk. With guidance from our FITWEL Ambassador, Frank Rotnofsky AIA, and COVID Policy writer and coordinator, Diana Peña, both founders of Able City, we expanded on Lichfield’s suggestions to include spatial considerations. 



You have decided you want to start a QuaranTEAM, how do you begin? 


Begin with a conversation: 


Talk to extended family, friends, and co-workers whom you think might be interested. The following points as laid out by Gideon Lichfield are a good way to touch on several COVID subjects.


1. Agree to have no hard feelings

2. Think about the risk

3. Talk about why you want to bubble up or QuarenTEAM

4. Agree to all follow the same rules, whatever they are

5. Talk through your daily routines

6. Accept that none of you is being rational

7. Agree on what you’ll communicate about COVID, and then over-communicate

8. Maybe don’t post about it on social media

9. Give yourselves a trial period


You can read the full article here. 


Space planning is necessary when contemplating physical distancing in a social setting.

In the Checklist we provide, Able City has added discussion points to help you coordinate in a private or public space. 




Each member agrees that the items discussed and agreed to in this Checklist are meant only to be a guide to help organize the team. Add more to this checklist as you see fit. It may not cover something important to your team. If you remain uncomfortable after discussing, do not participate; no judgement. First and foremost, agree that if one lives with someone who is elderly or immunocompromised, it is recommended that they not participate in any QuaranTEAMS. Protecting the most vulnerable is everyone’s responsibility.


  We talked and agreed we would have no hard feelings if one of the members gets COVID.


  We thought about and talked about all the risks, and agreed that there are no guarantees that no one will get COVID.


  We talked about why we want to QuaranTEAM.


  We talked about our daily routines.


  Besides wearing masks, physical distancing, washing hands, and any other protocols that are mandated by the federal, state, or local jurisdictions, we agreed to follow the same rules. List here:


  We discussed and agreed that there is risk. Some of us will not want to participate in a gathering at any given point. 


  We discussed and agreed on what and how we will communicate about COVID. Communication Protocol: 


  We discussed and agreed to not post on Social Media about QuaranTEAM.


  We agree on a trial period and it will be ____________. Then decide if you want to continue. 


  We agree on a rule of no judgement. 


  We agree to have a physical distancing plan where gathering, even in the yard, or exercising. A sketch, signs or even place cards are all advisable. 


  We agree to designate a room, location outside and bathroom, where and how you will exercise together outside, or meet at a location. 


  Agree to discuss and agree upon the types of virus mitigation you practice in your home, work area, places you might meet for exercise or socialize at.


  Agree on the virus mitigation products you will carry with you.


  Additional items: 


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