“Cybersecurity firm Jungle Disk ventures south of downtown for new offices” | SA Report

San Antonio Report, full article here. 

-Wayne Cunningham


Jungle Disk, a cybersecurity services firm, will move its offices to a former restaurant in Southtown, which it is redeveloping to feature dozens of solar panels The company, which spun off from Rackspace in 2016, became what is thought to be San Antonio’s second largest privately held tech company by revenue last year when it made several acquisitions.


Bret Piatt, the company’s CEO, said the renovations to the space have been designed with pandemic-era sensibilities, seeking to entice wary workers to come back to a collaborative, in-person environment. “What does the next office space look like?” Piatt said the conversation at the company began. “Even with COVID dying down and access to vaccines, folks still don’t want to be packed in a conference room with no windows for two hours.”

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