Firm of the Year – AIARGV Awards 2022

The American Institute of Architects, Lower Rio Grande Valley chapter recognized exceptional architectural achievement in 2022. The evening was a chance to reflect on the impressive quality of the practice of architecture in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.


This year’s Firm of the Year award was presented to Able City, a multi practice design firm with a long history in South Texas and on the border.


In Mission, Texas, as master planners for El Milagro by Killam Development Inc., Able City engaged the public during several workshops, and programmed the quality of life, place experience, and proposed uses described by residents to be incorporated into the new mixed-use development. Equally, in the public sector, the company applies its decades of experience to other areas of need, partnering with several housing authorities on public housing and with South Texas College on higher education facilities. Driven by an integrated approach, Able City finds solutions to social, environmental, and economic challenges in the built environment.


AIA LRGV has nearly one-hundred members, and it seeks to promote values of communication, education, advocacy, public outreach, and governance to architectural professionals, as well as to the community at large. The Firm of the Year is its highest award. More information on both Able City and the AIA LRGV can be found below. 


About Able City: 


Able City integrates the practices of community engagement, planning, architecture, and economic development. The company’s  comprehensive design approach addresses the necessity for the built environment to respond to the needs of the client and the community. Our services help solve the challenges that societies face in their pursuit for a better quality of life and place.  The company’s business value proposition springs forth from a belief that if the pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right, then access to a happy life is the main purpose of cities. 

Our website,, describes our policies and operating practices that enhance the competitiveness of our company while simultaneously advancing the economic, environmental and social conditions in the communities in which it operates.




The Lower Rio Grande Valley Chapter of the American Institute of Architects was founded in 1950. With nearly one-hundred members, the AIA-LRGV promotes architects and architecture across the region. The Zebby Awards, named in honor of O.Z. Whitehead, honor those teams and firms that have demonstrated a leadership role in architecture and exemplify professional excellence. 


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