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As printed in The Rio Grande Guardian, April 12, 2021. 



MISSION, Texas – Killam Development announced that construction will begin on their 3,400-acre master planned community, El Milagro, within the next two months.

Rolando Ortiz, real estate manager for Killam, made the announcement in a RGV Partnership Zoom meeting that highlighted the City of Mission and the Mission Economic Development Corporation.

A year after receiving feedback from their public workshops and holding many charrettes, Ortiz expressed excitement at the prospect of finally breaking ground. He said Phase I of the El Milagro Master Plan will include building 400 single-family units, developing over 30 acres of commercial space, and creating foot and bike paths in the area. Melden & Hunt, Inc. will oversee the civil engineering and infrastructure while local contractors will work on waterlines and streets.

Cliffe Killam

In a pre-recorded video, Radcliffe “Cliffe” Killam II, partner at Killam Development, thanked the RGV Partnership, the City of Mission, Mayor Armando O’Caña and the Mission EDC board for their help throughout the process.

“I can say [the] City of Mission is the most business-friendly community that I have ever worked with, and it’s been really just delightful,” said Killam.

The master-planned development is part of Sharyland Plantation, previously owned by Hunt Valley Development. While the original purpose of the land was mainly agricultural, El Milagro will cater to the growing needs of the city as a mix of residential, retail and entertainment space where people can “live, work and play.”

In his message, Killam pointed to Mission’s forward-thinking in maintaining and improving the area’s infrastructure to make it appealing to businesses and developers, without which El Milagro would not have come into fruition.

Rolando Ortiz

“We may not have purchased that property if it were not for the City of Mission and the Mission EDC having the vision and taking that leap of faith to invest infrastructure into the Hunt property even when the Hunt Group may not have been developing at the time,” said Killam. “That happening made it attractive for us to go in and make that investment and purchase that property.”

El Milagro’s proximity to Anzalduas International Bridge also have many in the region excited about the economic growth the project will spur. Valley leaders anticipate a business boom once the bridge is fully open to commercial traffic. Daniel Silva, CEO of the Mission EDC, said that as more industries come in, the development will be a major draw.

Silva added that the EDC currently has only two parcels of land available in their old industrial park and are quickly moving on their new one. The recent infusion of $3 million from the U.S. Economic Development Administration will be used to continue the momentum.

“We are extremely proud and excited to work with Killam Development and City of Mission officials on the upcoming El Milagro master-planned community,” Mission EDC said, in a tweet. “This is a great opportunity for Mission residents and we can’t wait to see the final result and its impact on local business.”

As Killam grows its footprint in the Rio Grande Valley, Ortiz says the Laredo-based company foresees many more opportunities for investment in the future.

“We’re very excited about the industrial possibilities in this area,” said Ortiz.

To view architectural concepts of Phase I of El Milagro, click here.

Editor’s Note: Here is a podcast of the RGV Partnership/Mission EDC webinar:

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