After staggering studies revealed Laredo’s poverty rate and income level were indirectly taxing Laredo’s most impoverished through a lack of transportation options, a group of advocates came together to address the dire need for a transportation system that catered to every type of commuter. With the help of the Laredo Active Living — Mayor’s Wellness Council, a citizen-group advocating for physical activity in the community as part of its mission, BIKELaredo was formed.


BIKE Laredo promotes diverse methods of transportation, as well as advocate for an improved and complete transportation system that guarantees safety for all types of commuters, particularly cyclists. Tied with Laredo Active Living’s mission of promoting an active lifestyle, BIKELaredo encourages a lifestyle least dependent on car transportation and more reliable on environmentally and health-friendly transit methods, as well as provide new recreational options for Laredoans.

BIKELaredo goal is to educate, advocate and organize. It units the efforts of many cycling advocates, City of Laredo staff, and the Texas Department of Transportation to create a healthier, more equitable city that works for everyone.

Bike Advocacy Citizen Committee

Bike Safety and Education: Working with the City of Laredo Police Department, BIKELaredo focus on public safety issues regarding cyclists and motorists, as well as work on the development of the Share the Road Campaign and enforce the Joey Muñoz Ordinance, otherwise known as the 3 ft. Rule of Separation between motorists and cyclists.

Bikeway System: Working with the City Of Laredo Traffic Department, El Metro, Planning, Police Department, and Text Dot, BIKELaredo works towards implementing Laredo’s first citywide bikeway plan, connecting safe routes for cyclists with effective public transport at strategic points in the city that promote and encourage bike use. This is part of the City of Laredo’s mission to Complete the Streets.

BIKE to School Program: BIKELaredo together with the City of Laredo and Laredo Independent School District focuses on instituting a Bike to School program starting with a pilot project that can eventually expand district-wide. The goal is to evaluate the routes with high priority and align them with adequate cycling safety infrastructure for students to use.


Client: City of Laredo
Location: Laredo, TX

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