Bridge of The Americas



The site itself represents the nexus of the north- south axis, but as an international border crossing, it highlights Canada, the US and Mexico. The El Portal Bridge of the Americas Bridge System Headquarters and border crossing hub include a promenade, north plaza, and the City of Laredo’s Bridge Systems’ Command Center. The north plaza is a place of gathering for thousands of people who cross into Mexico daily. 30,000 square feet total, the building houses the Conventions and Visitors Bureau. The 14,000-sq ft bridge system command center is sited on the south promenade; a critical part of the city’s river infrastructure, the center manages all four of Laredo’s bridges. 


The stone retaining walls and columns are faced with stone brought from a quarry 130 miles upriver of Laredo. These stone walls were built and designed to anticipate a future riverwalk development that extends beyond the site. As learned from design studios, when it concerns an intervention with the river, it must be considered in the context of a greater story of commitment to future generations. 


Client: City of Laredo
Location: Laredo, TX
Role: Architect
Date of Completion: 2009

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