Cathedral of St. Agustin Restoration and Master Plan

Dioceses of Laredo



The San Agustin cathedral, a significant historical and religious site in Laredo since the city’s founding (c. 1755), underwent a comprehensive Cathedral Restoration. The building, originally constructed with stones from the Rio Grande river, has always been deeply connected to its location. For this reason, the architects at Able City, who have a strong personal connection to Laredo, took on the task of its extensive rehabilitation.

The team was responsible for the full Cathedral Restoration, from the masterplan to tower structural reinforcement, and even the accessibility of restrooms. After years of meticulous planning, the cathedral reopened in July 2021. Now, it continues to serve as a symbol of Laredo’s past, present, and future.


Client: Dioceses of Laredo
Location: Laredo, TX
Role: Architect
Date of Completion: June, 2021

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