Jesus Trevino- Blas Maria Uribe Rancho



The River Pierce Foundation Board of Directors selected a multidisciplinary team, led by Able City, to undertake the “Treviño–Uribe Rancho Restoration”. This project involved the preparation of the Historic Structure Report (HSR) for the Treviño–Uribe Rancho, a significant historical property in San Ygnacio, Texas.

The team, equipped with a diverse range of skills and expertise, conducted extensive archival and physical investigations. These investigations were crucial in understanding the historical context and architectural significance of the Rancho, informing the subsequent steps of the restoration process.

The “Treviño–Uribe Rancho Restoration” project prioritized preservation efforts and needs, ensuring that the unique historical and architectural value of the Rancho was maintained. The team made recommendations of appropriate treatment methods, taking into account both the preservation of the Rancho’s historical integrity and the practical considerations of restoration work.

Potential uses for the historic property were identified, with a focus on sympathetic uses that would respect and enhance the Rancho’s historical significance. These potential uses were carefully considered to ensure they would not only be feasible but also beneficial to the local community and the broader historical landscape.

Finally, the team developed a comprehensive scope of work and budget for the “Treviño–Uribe Rancho Restoration”. This included detailed plans for the preservation and restoration work, as well as a clear and realistic budget that took into account all aspects of the project.

The “Treviño–Uribe Rancho Restoration” project exemplifies Able City’s commitment to preserving and enhancing historical properties, contributing to the rich cultural and architectural heritage of Texas.


Client: The River Peace Foundation
Location: San Ygnacio, TX
Role: Architects
Date of Completion: 2012

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