James & Maria Haynes Recreation & Wellness Center Master Plan Project



The “Haynes Recreation and Wellness Center” serves as a beacon of health and wellness in the heart of Texas. This center is strategically located as the trailhead to the Chacon Creek hike-and-bike trail, leading directly to the majestic Rio Grande. Spanning across a 12-acre master plan, the “Haynes Recreation and Wellness Center” was designed with a clear purpose – to connect the health and wellness of individuals to their natural surroundings, fostering a symbiotic relationship between people and nature.

Every element of the “Haynes Recreation and Wellness Center” architecture is designed with sustainable building practices in mind. Conservation techniques employed in the project include passive design strategies, solar power, ecosystem restoration, and xeriscaping. The center also features rain and condensate water collection systems for irrigation, and vegetative roofs, demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability.

In addition to the 45,000-square foot recreation and wellness center, this compound includes an outdoor aquatic center, green roof, recycling, and composting center. These facilities not only serve the immediate needs of the community but also contribute to the broader environmental goals of the region. The “Haynes Recreation and Wellness Center” is more than just a building; it’s a testament to the power of sustainable architecture in enhancing community health and wellness.


Client: City of Laredo
Location: Laredo, TX
Role: Architect
Date of Completion: 2011

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