Viva Laredo, Laredo, TX.



Laredo, a city with significant potential, has evolved from a small settlement into the largest inland port in the United States within a 250-year span. Located along the northern border of Mexico, it has established a mutually beneficial relationship with Nuevo Laredo, which has helped define its cultural, economic, and social ways of life. Jason King, leading the Dover, Kohl & Partners Team, teamed with local architects, Frank Hickey Peña Joint Venture, to create a detailed Comprehensive Plan to guide the city’s growth and development. The goals, objectives, and strategies of the plan involved all aspects of city administration and community life: land use, downtown revitalization, urban design, historic preservation, mobility, housing, sustainability, health, and economic developments.


The Process: The City of Laredo Comprehensive Plan process was an interactive, open planning event that focused on the input and collaboration of the citizens to steer the development of the plan. The plan’s vision and goals emerged through a series of small group meetings, large public events, and a ten-day public interactive design charrette in September 2016. During the charrette, Jason King and his team were able to engage with over 300 citizens and gather their ideas for how Laredo should evolve. Over 2,100 participants took part in the planning process, whether in person or through online conversations.


Status: The Viva Laredo Comprehensive Plan was adopted unanimously by City Council on September 18th, 2017. Changes to Land Development Regulations are in progress. More detailed neighborhood plans are being completed as local initiatives.

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